Five Ways to Keep Your Man Happy

This is very important. If your woman is blaming you, and you may also be blaming yourself for her not having orgasms, it is quite possible, even likely, that you are both looking in the wrong place to solve the problem. Mind you, an unskilled, selfish, or insensitive male lover can be a real problem, and at the very least is certainly a dull bore. And to say that a woman is responsible for her own sexual fulfillment does not mean you revert to a slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am approach to sex and let her fend for herself. After all, the more skilled and attentive a lover is the more pleasure he himself receives, and although you can't give her an orgasm you certainly can help her to have one, or even lots of them. So even though it's not entirely up to you, there is something you can do to help.

Quick sex between consenting adults is not about using each other as an object, assuming both of you understand what is happening, and no deceit is involved. We call this scenario “no-strings sex.” With no-strings sex, both parties understand that it is not intended that you will ever see each other again. You do not exchange addresses or phones or personal histories. This situation ranks high on the list of most common fantasy for both men and women. The sex may be extremely hot and passionate. Both lovers may feel an extraordinary freedom and be willing to let go completely, dropping their usual sexual shyness and restraint. Often they will experiment with and allow themselves to enjoy what they would only dream of doing, but never allow themselves to do with someone they knew or were in an ongoing relationship with. They may experiment with things they did not even dream were possible.

Parents, teachers, religious and community leaders want to promote positive peer pressure among teens. Parents and other adults often believe that teenagers do not value their opinions. In reality, studies suggest that parents have tremendous influence over their children, especially teenagers. No matter the age of their children, parents, caregivers and other adult role models should never feel helpless about countering the negative effects of peer pressure.

Jeff (age 40) stated, “Sexy is a look in the eye. It is confidence, balanced with class.” This avid outdoorsman also mentioned that he finds it attractive when a woman isn’t afraid to get dirty. It shows that she isn’t going to be a demanding little princess type. He likes the smell of sweat and dirt on a girl who enjoys hiking, mountain biking and camping. When searching for compatibility in a mate, we are mostly drawn to others who have common interests and enjoy the same types of activities as we do. We all have different standards for a desirable mate depending on what our priorities and personal preferences may be.